Hey Andrew, Teach me some Greek!

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!
Publisher:  Greek n’ Stuff http://greeknstuff.com
Reviewed by Amy Klomparens

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! takes students from learning the Greek letters to reading the New Testament in Koine Greek as you advance through eight levels.   Levels 1 and 2 can be begun as early as a student can learn and write letters, Level 3, however, should be done no earlier than 4th grade,   with the other levels following in successive grades.

For a more thorough review of the components of the curriculum and its scope and sequence, click herehttp://www.homeschoolchristian.com/curricula/reviews/heyandrew.php

The complete program, levels 1-8,  can be purchased at greeknstuff.com for $350-$500.  The workbooks are about $20 each, with many other aids available.

We have used Hey Andrew! through  Level  5 with four of our children, and it is an easy way to begin the study of Koine Greek from a fairly young age.  They have worked through the books on their own, coming to me with questions when they don’t understand a new grammar point, etc., and they have learned vocabulary and begun to learn the noun declensions and verb conjugations.

At a certain point, however, the method of learning grammar becomes tedious.  Instead of learning the verb endings and how to conjugate, for example, each part of the verb chart  (first person singular, second person singular, third person singular, etc) is taught as a separate verb.  We found this method tedious and more difficult than learning the verb stem and endings so that you can conjugate the verb to find the form you need.   Nouns are taught the same way, each of the five cases, singular and plural, are taught individually with the appropriate preposition to show the noun’s function in the sentence.

The kids learned their Greek letters using this program, but it was repetitive and tedious, using the same words to form many different sentences, and in the end, they learned a little grammar a little vocabulary, but not enough to justify the amount of time they had spent using the program.

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