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What is the Mission of the CLC?

The CLC is committed to reviving and restoring the lost tools of learning (languages, logic, and rhetoric) that formed the educational bedrock of the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Christian Reformers, and American founding fathers. By imitating the education of the apostle Paul, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Shakespeare, and George Washington, we hope to recapture just a glimmer of the genius that animated these men. This education requires rigorous and consistent training in the three Christian languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Knowing that most homeschooling parents have no background in these languages, it is the primary objective of the CLC to equip and empower parents to teach these languages to the glory of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Who leads the CLC?

For the past ten years Mr. K has been teaching his high-school English and Latin classes that the best place to learn is at home: docti domi discunt! He believes every public school reform of the last century has been an attempt to recreate, at great public expense, the learning environment of the home; nevertheless, he does the best that he can with his public school students in Marysville. At great personal expense he has accumulated numerous degrees (B.A.s in English, Philosophy, and Religion from Hillsdale College, Post B.A. in Classics—i.e. Latin and Greek—from U.W., M.A. in Education from W.W.U., PhD candidate in Latin and Roman Studies at U. Fl.) and credentials (WA state K-12 certification and National Board cert. candidate) to make himself a better teacher. He hopes it worked. At home he makes math and the three Christian languages the centerpieces of his children’s (Caleb, Sophia, Calvin, Trinity, Ransom, Christian, and Charity) home education. In this way he hopes to equip his children with the tools of learning that proved so effective for the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Christian Reformers, and American Founding Fathers. By recreating their education, he hopes to recapture just of glimmer of their genius in his home.

Amy, a dedicated home educator and mother to seven children, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies from Hillsdale College where she took classes in both Homeric and Koine Greek. She has been home schooling for ten years and has learned that classical education is a daily, messy, glorious journey that she loves walking with her children. Some the best experiences they have had together are making history come alive through projects: building a replica of the Nile River with pyramids at its banks, retracing Marco Polo’s journey to China, reenacting the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, and many more.

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